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Bottom Bones James M. Copeland

Bottom Bones

James M. Copeland

Published February 4th 2012
Kindle Edition
200 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Detective Frank Hawthorn is very pleased with his purchase of the 35 foot cabin cruiser whose name is “Honey Do.” He and his man Friday, (Ralph Smith) enjoys boating in the Hudson River and fishing out in the ocean. Ralph thinks a ‘honey do’ is a list of things you do for your woman. He and Frank never dreams what could happen when a friend spills hot cheese on the beautiful teak wood floors of the galley after a party. Ralph works feverishly to remove the cheese that is destroying the beautiful appearance of the cabin cruiser. Suddenly he knocks a gold insert loose in the floor of the galley in his haste to clean the teak. The resulting find starts a shocking investigation that upsets many lives!