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Seven Moments in Time Todd R. Tystad

Seven Moments in Time

Todd R. Tystad

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

About 4 or 5 weeks ago, Todd contacted me about his book Seven Moments in Time being free for the weekend. Yes, I downloaded this when it was free, but do not get all hyped up over thinking the price has been jacked up because this book is only 99 cents. Yes, that is right 99 cents. Therefore, that is half of the requirements for the Sunday Short. Now for the other half of the requirement for this meme. This book is seven short stories. This book could be read in 20-30 minutes. I know not long in reading. This might not even take some readers that long but I savored each and every short story in this book.Seven Moments in Time are sweet wonderful collection of stories. They are stories that someone may find in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series except these wonderful stories are by the same author. My favorite story in this collection is “The Candidate’s Wife”. Why it is my favorite I would have to say, it is because I was once married to an active alcoholic for 12 years. He did not decide to get sober until I was divorcing him. He tried to put the guilt trip on me and say, “I will get sober if you stay married to me”. What he did not realize is that an alcoholic cannot use another person to get or stay sober. Staying sober is something they have to want for themselves.Some of the stories are a little longer than others but there is either inspiration or a less in each one