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Abbys Busy Day in Pre-K Felisha Williams

Abbys Busy Day in Pre-K

Felisha Williams

Published March 14th 2014
ISBN : 9781493150038
24 pages
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 About the Book 

What would a pre-K classroom be like without a little chaos? It would be boring, of course. Well, that s how the students in Mrs. Lewis s class feel. They love to play tricks on their teacher and always ?nd ways to wreak havoc. But today, Mrs. Lewis seems to have a trick of her own when she does not show up for class. Luckily, a bright student named Abby is the perfect substitute well, that s how she sees it. After all, she does a great job taking care of people, especially her little sister. As she begins her alphabet lesson, Abby notices that her classmates are acting up in all sorts of ways. And what s really strange is when the children ?nd out Mrs. Lewis has been hiding in the classroom closet all along. But wait! It turns out that she is proud of her class for doing their own lesson and for being playful and creative.